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Dueling Diva

Tuesday, December 2, 2003

Weekly editor Carolyn Hinsey doesn't shrink from a challenge, and luckily neither does Talent Manager Michael Bruno, who represents Rebecca Budig (Greenlee, AMC), Bobbie Eakes (Krystal, AMC), Ricky Paull Godin (Gus, GL), and Lauren Koslow (Kate, Days), among many others.

Carolyn: A story is making the rounds that a fairly well-known actor got a little tipsy at a recent industry event and stepped on some important toes. He is now out of a job. This begs the question: Should an actor's behavior off the set impact his job on it?

Michael: I don't know about this one, Car. My feeling is that daytime is like high school and everyone on the shows and behind them are in some kind of pecking order or secret society. The jocks, the cool ones, the band, the losers, the teachers, the principal. Is it cool to get drunk at your senior prom and throw up on your principal's shoes, or get stoned at the Daytime Emmys and tell your executive producer to get his hands off your thigh? I don't know. I'm kind of on the fence. I feel tike we're all in this group together and people drink too much sometimes and say the wrong things sometimes. Should they be fired for it? NO.To me it's like a fraternity. Whatever happens, happens, but it's between us.Keep the press and `Legal' out of it. ("Thank you, sir, may I have another?!")

Carolyn: Well, daytime certainly has seemed like high school under certain regimes that lured and promoted their friends to the exclusion of, say, people with experience 41 and talent. But I think there is an inherent responsibility to behave reasonably well at an event with fans.when said stars are drunk and groping them. What a letdown!

Michael: Is being groped by someone who looks like Cameron Mathison (Ryan, AMC) or Joshua Morrow (Nick, Y&R) someone's idea of hell? Send me to the barbecue! KIDDING. One actor was just let go from a show for being too "friendly" with fans at an event; the fact that he couldn't act his way out of a paper bag didn't help either. I agree with you that if fans are at an event, actors should behave, but some of these fans are so aggressive, it's like groupies at a Coldplay concert.Temptation is out there. I'm waiting to hear a stozy about a fan sleeping with a soap star at one of these events and going to the press with it - or in pure soap opera fashion blackmailing him into further 'encounters'

Carolyn: You have been watching way too much daytime TV (And it's funny that you would crack your joke about Cameron and Joshua, two of the most professional guys in the business!) I don't have a problem with an actor's inappropriate behavior costing him his job. Actors are paid a lot of money, and if they agree to appear at a personal appearance or charity event, it is implied that they will behave in a manner that won't embarrass them or their show. What if one of your clients did it?

Michael: If you only knew what my clients and their co-stars have done. I've heard stories about shows having to shoot a certain actor's scenes before lunch, or uh-oh. TOO MANY MARTINIS, to producers making out with their stars in the men's room at the Emmys; to orgies with several soap stars in an overheated pool in the Hollywood Hills. THIS IS HOLLYWOOD, CAROLIN Remember, I've been in this cold water bath called daytime for 15 years now. Between booze, dolls, homosexuality, the abortion for the sake of their careers, DUIs, spousal abuse, rehab, marriages and sexual advances for career enhancement, l could beat half these soaps in the ratings if I told. Brian Frons should just strap a camera on my shoulder, yell "ACTION," put that in the Port Charles time slot and call it a day!

Carolyn: That's a lovely, warm story, but you didn't answer my question.

Michael: If one of my stars was drunk and inappropriate at an event with fans or at work, I would call them aside and tell them to lay low and behave because there are no jobs anymore and the networks are looking for any excuse to get rid of people to save money There you go, wise guy, did I answer it now?!

Carolyn: Yes, thank you. I Still think stars should have the common sense to know not to behave that way without their manager having to pull them aside to say, "By the way, don't grope a fan or vomit on your executive producer." But maybe that's just me.

Michael: Yeah, it's you. KISSES!
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