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Dueling Diva

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Weekly editor Carolyn Hinsey doesn't shrink from a challenge, and luckily neither does Talent Manager Michael Bruno, who represents Rebecca Budig (Greenlee, AMC) and Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus, GL), among many others.

Carolyn: I hear you've been getting heat from people who think that our duels are too negative. Do you think we could get through a whole duel saying only positive things?

Michael: NO. But for the sake of argument I will try. Why don't we pick our favorite things on each show? I'll start. On General Hospital, the two best supercouples are Carly and Alcazar, and Nikolas and Emily. Like White Castle cheeseburgers, I can't get enough!

Cardlyn: Are you crazy? Carly and Alcazar? That lurky murderer who stalks her? Oh, sorry. My favorite things on GH are Sonny Corinthos, and Luke Spencer. It's rare that a show can create two such complex antiheroes and still have us like them so much. I also like that Sonny is the father of Alexis' baby, because it is a nice buried secret they can trot out any time to shake up the entire town. How about AMC and OLTV?

Michael: I have several on AMC, actually, The complexity of Bianca's storyline with the rape and pregnancy and the brilliance of bringing a gay character front and center, without it being about her homosexuality. And letting Susan Lucci, Eden Riegel and Alicia Minshew really shine as the great actresses they are. And tying the strings together to give Greenlee a family. Jackson as her father and the great casting of Anna Stuart as her mother, and now the possibility of Mary hooking up with Adam, make Greenlee so grounded, she is knee-deep in cement. On 0LTL my favorites are the possibility of a Jen/Rex/Lindsay triangle and the return of Ty Treadwa as Troy!

Carolyn: I love Anna Stuart too. I like that Greenlee is turning into the heart of the show and Ryan seems to be developing feelings for her And I love that Tad is front and center again. On OLTL, I agree with you, plus I am liking Dan Gauthier as the new Kevin working for Kevin Dobson as the governor, who will soon be at the crux of a Viki/Dorian triangle, I hope. Now let's turn to NBC...

Michael: Enormous kudos,, for making Amelia. Marshall's Liz a raging bitch on Passions. On daytime, African-American characters can't usually be human or have flaws; they are only allowed to be saints. Plus, it's the best work she's ever
done! And I I.OVE LOVE LOVE Julian and Eve together! I don't need witches and monkeys to keep me glued. As for Days, what can I say? How about 'B*LLS'? Yeah., let me say that - B*LLS! They are killing old favorites and I'm tuning in, because for the first time in a very long time, I am not sure if one of my faves will bite the dust. You know what, that's called, Carolyn? Excitement! Drama! Cliffhangers! Remember those?

Carolyn: Yes. Settle down. As a card-carrying fan of humor on soaps, I lean toward anything with Passions'Julian and Mrs. Wallace, or Days' Sami, Kate and Lucas. (Sorry, never been a big fan of murder or death.) As for CBS,I think that's the network showing the most love in the afternoon. If there"s a cuter, better feel-good couple than GL's Gus and Harley, show them to me.

Michael: Well., considering Ricky Paull is mine, the answer would. be no, but I would like to see them played more. The best thing about GL is the production values. John Conboy has done a spectacular job making that show look
"rich" and the camera angles and pacing are so much better! As the World Turns ... I love Goutman's aggressiveness in
casting. He knows marquee names, and that a Digest award and demo points mean more than an Emmy today. I feel
bad for him that he needs to cut the cast, but I think.his hands are tied.

Carolyn: Uh-oh, we're veering ... ATWT has classic lines and the always hilarious Henry and Craig. B&B has the powerful triangle of Ridge/Brooke/Nick. And for my money Y&R is the most consistently good show on the air. The rivalries, secrets, catfights, weddings and parties never miss.

Michael: Y&R is great, because it's slow and steady - plus it has characters who aren't 14 trying to lose their virginity or solve murder mysteries. And finally, Brad Bell is the best thing on B&B. His gut instincts are more on target than any other show with story, pacing and casting. He is LONG overdue for an Emmy for Best Show. We did it! See you on Soqp Talk, Sexy.

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