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Dueling Diva

Tuesday, December 9, 2003

Weekly editor Carolyn Hinsey doesn't shrink from a challenge, and luckily neither does Talent Manager Michael Bruno, who represents Bruce Michael Hall (Joey, One Life to Live), Billy Warlock (AJ, GH),Tracy Melchior (Kelly OLTL) and Josh Taylor (Roman, Days), among many others.

Carolyn: You were very mean to me on SoapTalk, sticking your finger in my face and making fun of my hair. What's your problem?

Michael: I wasn't in the best of moods that day especially since I think the Salem Stalker came to my office in the last three weeks and fired Billy Warlock, Michael Swan, Tracy Melchior. Bruce
Michael Hall and Josh Taylor in one fell swoop. Also the fact that you looked more beautiful than I have ever seen you threw me into BITCH-LAND.

Carolyn: Aw, that's a nice thing to say. It didn't help that I was there two hours early and had so much time in the makeup chair I came out looking like a porn star while you raced in and had to go right on TV We'll see what the public thinks... (our episode is supposed to air January 13). What did you think?

Michael: I think we're the best thing since Luke and Iaura, the early years. I'm a little concerned that after the standing ovation from the audience for our stint I haven't received any word from SOAPnet about our spin-off series. Is it possible phone lines are down? You know we've had a lot of fires here, and terrible torrential rain.

Carolyn: Yes, I'm sure that's it. How could they not want to build a show around bitchy you and loudmouthed me? The show writes itself! But seriously, I'm sorry so many of your clients are losing their jobs right now. Aside from your Salem
Stalker theory, what do you think is going on?

Michael: l think its a conspiracy theory much like the JFK assassination, the dead aliens at Roswell and that mysterious New Jersey accent coming out of Brian Gaskill's mouth on Tbe Bold and the Beautiful. Times are tough and everyone's getting hit. I agree with some of my people getting the ax, meaning I understand it from a producing sense. There are
too many leading men on GH and Billy was highly paid. Bruce Michael Hall should never have been hired to play a guy with a collar around his neck --he should have been playing the cabana boy with his shirt off. Josh, it's just upsetting. The shows want older expensive characters off in exchange for the $4.99 models. Michael Swan off Guiding Light, no comment. And Tracy Melchior shouldn't have been so vocal about the cross-country commute to OLTL.

Carolyn: I agree. But there ARE way too many older veterans on some shows. I think it's interesting in a case like All My Children, where the fans got mad that they stopped showcasing Michael E. Knight and David Canary in favor of those idiot teens at the poolhouse, so to its credit, AMC listened and Tad and Adam are back front and center, albeit revolving around the newbie bonanza of JR Jamie and Babe. It seems like the way to drop people is to play them less and less and see if the audience notices, which I guess isn't the worst way to do it.

MichaeL It's actually not, Carolyn. Each show is in the same, yet different situation. The problem with the older actors who have really given their professional careers to these shows is that they shouldn't be thrown out into the cold. Anyone over 60 (which is half the cast of As the World Tunas) need not be fired; their guarantees just need to be adjusted accordingly Where you come into the problem is the 40-somethings who would be much more beneficial and more important on OTHER shows than their own. If any of the following actors were let go, they would get a job an another soap within two months: Kelly Menighan Hensley (Emily, 'ATWT'), Peter Reckell (Bo, Days), Marcy Walker (Liza, AMC), Winsor Harmon (Thorne, B&B).These guys are highly paid and not being used. And 'you can't cut their guarantees; they need to be used or let go.
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