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Tuesday, November 4, 2003

Weekly editor Carolyn Hinsey doesn't shrink from a challenge, and luckily neither does talent manager Michael Bruno, who represents Marc Menard (Boyd,All My Children), Bruce Michael Hall (Joey, One Life to Live) and Billy Warlock (AJ, General Hospital) among many others.

Carolyn: I think it was crazy of ABC to hire all those Port Charles actors for its other shows as different people. Worse, the actors started airing while PC was still on the air. What was the strategy there? "If you like Kelly Monaco as Livvie on PC, you'll love her as Samantha on General Hospital, which is SET IN THE SAME TOWN!" What was the rush?

Michael: The whole thing was done ass-backwards. I'm still amazed Marie Wilson's (Karen) death didn't leak. Listen, they've got a lot of talented and popular young people on that show and they had to fight for them before they were taken away by the other networks. ATWT was seconds away from getting Kelly Monaco. That was their Strategy: Keep the stars they made, before Goutman got them!

Carolyn: I completely under-stand that, but why couldn't ABC just lock up the talent and not air them right away? It was so jarring to watch Livvie licking Caleb's wrists during their wedding on the PC finale and then see her, oh sorry, her GH character. Sam, shoving her tongue down Jax's throat the next day. It's hard enough when a Cady McClain (ex-Dixie, All aiy Children) jumps ship to As the World Turns (as Rosanna) and I'm supposed to buy them instantly as another character. But at least characters don't routinely cross over from Pine Valley to Oakdale.

Michael: It's called commitment, Carolyn. The whole cross-pollination of ABC could have been such a wonderful idea, but it keeps coming back to bite them. It's OK for Brian Gaskill to be Rafe on PC, even though he was Bobby Warner on A:IIC. And then you have Nico, I mean Sonny crossing paths with Skye, who was on Ati1C with him from 1987-'89. They use it when they want certain people, and then they put the wall up saying. 'Oh, no, they can't be on GH, because they were so-and-so on OLTL when they don't want the actor back on their network. Whatever. I'm not running the place. But I can tell you this: Port Charles and any event that ever happened on that show will never be mentioned again. And God. talk about a slap in the face to Jon Lindstrom (Kevin): he can forget about ever going back to GH as Kevin now that "Sam" is there.

Carolyn: I know! I don't get it.What would have been the harm of crossing Livvie over to GH in like a month and having her crack a joke or two to Jax about how she had this weird dream about vamvires. or how her neck really hurts? 1 think fans are so much more willing to go with bizarre crossovers when the shows give them credit for being smart and 1et them in on the joke. Particulary when it also means that they might see their beloved Kevin and Lucy again. when done right (Another World's Jake to ATWT; Young and Restless' Sheila to Bold and Beautiful, Scotty, Baldwin back and fortll between PC and GH, crossovers can really work. What do you think?

Michael: I love crossovers. They are exciting and a gift to longtime fans who watch the whole lineup of a network. But what saddens me is the debacle of Linda Dano (Rae) and Robin Christopher's (Skye) characters. How great was it to find out that AMC's Myrtle was their mother and grandmother? I was hoping for at least Christmas and Thanksgiving shows with all three of them. What an instant and likable great new MULTIGENERATIONAL family! That's what soaps are made of. But they have butchered Linda's character so badly, she should call a lawyer. And can you please tell me what was the bizarre undoing of Skye suddenly not being a Quartermaine? It was brilliant pulling her into that family It revitalized Alan and Monica by giving them some life, and gave my Billy Warlock (A.J.) someone to spar with. Now Billy plays golf four days a week. Rumor has it he may have a day of work in November. I hope his golf game doesn't suffer.

Carolyn: Ouch! I never got that either. because Ned and Skye don't have enough chemistry to have undone the Q connection. I'd love to see Skye go after Jax again, and A.J. go after Sam, which would give us a lively quadrangle.wouldn't Billy be great with Kelly Monaco?

Michael: Billy would be wonderful with any woman they would give him. But they don't see him that way. He doesn't have a shot in hell on that show. Nor does anyone else who doesn't tote a Magnum 45. See ya!

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