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Dueling Diva

Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Weekly editor Carolyn Hinsey doesn't shrink from a challenge, and luckily, neither does Talent Manager Michael Bruno, who represents Bobbie Eakes (Krystal, All My Children), among many others

Carolyn: As 2004 approaches, I am wondering if I can coax shy quiet little you into sharing same New Year's resolutions for the soaps.

Michael: Little?

Carolyn: Answer the question.

Michael: Yes. For everyone to STOP, THINK and RELAX! Same people in daytime are acting like rats on the Titanic. Working out of panic made. This past year had WAY too many cast cuts, WAY too many recasts, WAY too much backstage changes and just WAY too much chaos. To see how we were represented on CBS' 75-year anniversary show should tell us something. We will always be the stepchildren of the industry, and to fight and hurt each other only hurts us. 'W'e have to band together and save these shows for ourselves. We are never going to get the recognition that we deserve, so like a lover who doesn't. call back. STOP CALLING! Let's fix this medium, for ourselves. Let's not pander to one segment of what's left of the daytime audience and act like the rest of the remaining audience has no "buying power." Let the writers write. Let the actors act. And if they're going to cast models (WHICH YOU KNOW I LOVE, CAROLYN), then bring them in slowly so we don't have to watch them learn how to act. And finally, really look at what might be good for the short term (i.e. killing veterans) or else it might end up killing all of us in the end.

Carolyn: I was looking for something like "more humor" but OK... I personally think that if the shows would give the viewers more credit, a lot of our problems would be solved. The worst event of 2003 was the Sexiest Man
Contest on All My Children (speaking of models who can't act) because it assumed that people watch AMC for ripped torsos and gave absolutely no credit to its own writers or actors far having created an hour of good TV that makes people tune in every day. The message to AMC fans was that we're all shallow morons and that really damaged their franchise.

Michael: I agree with you about AMC's Sexiest Man Contest, only because I didn't make the final cut. But it did scream MERCHANDISING, which I believe has been partly the downfall of ABC. Even when you look at General Hospital's Kelly
Monaco and Inga Rademacher together in promos. GH is telling viewers "THIS IS YOUR NEW SUPERCOUPLE! AND GOSH DARN IT YOU'RE GOINNA LOVE EM" And PS., for $16.95 you can buy their faces on a sweatshirt for Christmas.

Carolyn: You exaggerate but I get your point. No more pimping characters or couples to sell cheesy jewelry .And can we declare a moratorium on death in 2004? Or at least on serial killers? At the very least, the shows should all get together and draw straws so that only one of them can tell a depressing murder mystery at a time.

Michael: I don't think they need to use serial killers at all in '04, because there won't be that many characters left to kill. On that note, l would also say don't hire anyone else for awhile - play the actors you have. Let the audience get to know all these new, people so we don't feel like we're an a roller coaster out of control. Oh, and spread the wealth, too. The irony of the Days murder spree is that it is using a lot of veterans and they're getting the best material of their careers - but then three weeks later they are looking at the inside of a coffin.

Carolyn: I completely agree that shows need to play the actors they have and not add any new ones. But I would argue that there are certain people that would be worth bringing back if they could get them - like Kimberly McCullough and Finola Hughes to GH. Shemar Moore to Y&R, and Mark Derwin to OLTL. (Don't scoff - Derwut has the summer off from Life With Bonnie and is a huge Yankee fan, so for the price of a few box seats...)

Michael: I disagree. I like those people, but I think its been such a tornado this year that the shows would be better off playing who is still alive under all the debris. Play the new people with the old ones and let's get to know them. Don't rush the beats, Play, FAIMILY and LOVE!. And finally, Carolyn. I hope you find what you've been searching for.

Carolyn: You too - your own TV show!
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