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Dueling Diva

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

WEEKLY editor Carolyn Hinsey doesn't shrink from a challenge, and luckily neither does Talent Manager Michael Bruno, who represents Bobbie Fakes (Krystal, All My,Children), Rebecca Budig (Greenlee. AMG) and Josh Taylor (Roman, Days of I our Lives) among many others.

Carolyn: Since you argue so vociferousty about how great all these murder mysteries are right now, I was wondering if you had given any thought to how the soaps will celebrate the holidays in between finding all those dead bodies and burying them.

Michael: Actually, Carolyn, love of my life, I think it's a wonderful opportunity for the shows to bring out the veterans, combine them with the newbies, and play the loss and sadness from the death surrounding them. But the shows could also show the hope and joy of what FAMILY means. What friendship means. How great life is. How great being in love is. How important it is to have a best friend or parents that are still alive and care about them. Wouldn't you kill (no pun intended) for Rae, Myrtle and Skye to have at least ONE Christmas together before one of them is gone forever?

Carolyn: No. I couldn't care less about Rae, Myrtle and Skye. ABC told a ridiculous tale of three strangers suddenly being related in a handful of scenes and then dropped it faster than you can say ."Bobby Martin is in the attic" so why would I?

Michael: Wrong side of whose bed this morning, my love? You have to agree that the upcoming holiday season is a perfect time for the shows to give back to the fans who have stuck through so much upheaval and departures this past year. And the best way to do that is to play FAMILY, FAMILY FAMILY and LOVE, LOVE. LOVE!!!

Carolyn: I agree. But how, do you do that when your FAMILY, FAMILY FAMILY is decimated? Who's going to hang the ornaments on Days of our Lives Horton family tree? Poor dead Maggie? Worse. instead of those warm family moments we crave watching our faves decorating for the holidays, every family will be forced to deal with their missing loved ones. (Or worse, deal with the ridiculous back-from-the-dead stories to undo the deaths when ratings plummet.) Days, AMC and OLTL all have murder mysteries going on while GH is featuring Sonny's festive trial for yet another shooting on that show. Enough.

Michael: OK, calm down here, Pocahonias. I agree with you that there has been an ENORMOUS amount of upheaval with all the shows this year. But like I've told you before, if drastic measures are not taken to rein in these budgets, there will be no more tree for Grandma Florton to put up, much less hang the skull and bones ornament of daughter-in-law Maggie on! Murder and death are definite things in life, but usually not in daytime. This year, for the first time, we really believe
them when they say we will never see Abe or Maggie or Jack again in Salem. People are tuning in and Days' numbers are up. The show is tighter and one of the few "must-see" daytime dramas. It's hard to motivate old viewers into returning, and to catch new viewers, so you know that a show means business when they say they are cleaning house, HOLIDAYS OR NOT! Once again, my little kitten with a whip, it's called daytime DRAMA. Not daytime LET'S WATCH PAINT DRY.

Carolyn: You make an interesting point for once. You are talking about bringing viewers BACK to see who is getting murdered, etc. I am talking about regular viewers not wanting to watch that carnage day after day So maybe Days is luring people back with the Salem Stalker, and good for them. But I don't want a regular diet of dead bodies falling out of turkey pinatas. Again, I ask: "Why can't people just move away? That way soaps can still clean house ,without bumming out 30-year viewers. And not for nothing, it's not as depressing to hang an ornament for a guy now living in Des Moines as it is to hang one for a guy six feet under at the local cemetery. To quote you, you KNOW I'm right!

Michael: As I often am. (Right.) Carolyn, do you understand that someone moving away isn't dramatic? Do you understand that there is no "cliffhanger" when someone moves away? Do you understand that they have to get rid of some high-price ticket items to keep these shows on the air? Do you understand that no matter what diet I am on, food seems to somehow wind up in my mouth?
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