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Dueling Diva

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Weekly editor Carolyn Hinsey doesn't shrink from a challenge, and luckily neither does Talent Manager Michael Bruno, who represents Bobbie Eakes and Rebecca Budig (Krystal and Greenlee, All My Children), among many others.

Carolyn: As Valentine's Day approaches, I wonder what certain shows will do for romance in light of the fact that they have no good couples. All My Children, for instance, has lots of slutty women and men who can't speak English. but only one couple that I am rooting for and it's a surprising one: Tad and Krystal.

Michael: I agree with you on this one. Bobbie Eakes has a great comedic side to her that we never got to see on The Bold and the Beautiful (where she played Macy). Putting her with Michael E. Knight (Tad), who could star in his own sitcom, makes this a powerful and watchable duo. The only other one I care to watch (and hope they go forward with) is Anna Stuart and David Canary (Mary and Adam). Interesting that none of these four characters falls into the coveted "correct demo".

Carolyn: I agree (shock). I have to add that Babe and Jamie have the seeds of a good young couple if would start writing them more like teens and less like tramps. Frankly, all the ABC shows are light on couples and romance these days. although I do like GH's burgeoning Luke and Skye, and Sonny and Sam.

Michael: I like Sonny and Sam, but Skye belongs with jax. I mean, they're The Philudelphia Story - beautiful, sexy jet-setters. Robin Christopher (Skye) is too young for Tony Geary (Luke). And why didn't they put Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) with Geary?

Carolyn: Hey. first GH needs to tell the story of Alexis having Sonny's baby. That's a huge matzo ball hanging out there. What about One Life to Live? I like Lindsay/Rex/Jen and Al/Marcie but that's about it. I am so over Blair/Todd and Kevin/Kelly and Blair/Kevin. The character of Blair is ruined. She's the worst mother on daytime and her one-note revenge has gotten tired.

Michael: The only triangle I'm invested in on OLTL is Jen/Rex/Lindsay. This show needs tightening and I agree that Blair is on too much.Tliey need to bring in another hot 35-to-40-year-old NAME (i.e., Lisa Rinna. Hunter Tylo, etc.) and cast her as Tina, not only to attach her to family but to lighten Blair's story. Have you given Passions a shot lately? I cannot say enough about Eve and Julian (my favorite couple) and the very smart triangle brewing with Whitney, Fox and Theresa. All beautiful and solid actors.

Carolyn: Actually: I caught Julian and Rebecca's wedding and was touched by how Julian couldn't say "I do" to Rebecca until he pictured Eve in her place, beaming at him in a white dress and veil. (Unfortunately the orangutan at the wedding kind of wrecked the moment for me, but I digress.) One thing about Passions: They have great couples and triangles with clear through-lines. I like the budding Fax and Theresa pairing, too, Haw about the CBS soaps?

Michael: The best couple on Y&R is Phyllis and Drucilla. In one of their heated arguments, they should start making out! I could kill Guiding Light for screwing up the best couple on daytime, Gus and Harley Still love Nick and Brooke on B&B, and on As the World Turns I like Mike and Katie. And you, my SWEET VALENTINE, who do you like an CBS?

Carolyn: I like Victor with everybody, and Bobby with anybody but Jill on Y&R, Brooke and Nick and Eric and Jackie on B&B, and Katie and Mike. Rosanna and Craig and Jack and Carly on ATWT. Unfortunately. I don't like any couples on GL; they've wrecked them all by thrusting pointless newbies into all their best stories. I hold out hope for Phillip/Olivia and Gus/Harley, though. Do you have any wishes for special Valentine's episodes?

Michael: Why, as a matter of fact I do, Carvlyn. On Days, I want Sami and Lucas to make love and then fall in love, while a distraught Kate falls into the arms of John as Marlena looks on. I want GL to stop DESEXING its women and putting beautiful young girls with older men, i.e.: Cassie with Edmund, Marah with Jeffrey, etc. I want Nikki to go after Bobby full force, leaving Brittany in the dust on Y&R, and finally. on Passions, I want Sheridan and Luis to have one week without fake deaths, fistfights, misery, obsessed ex-lovers or orangutans in their faces. KISSES!
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