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Saturday, May 1, 2004

Weekly editor Carolyn Hinsey doesn't shrink from -a challenge. and luckily neither doesTalent Manager Michael Bruno, whose clients include Rebecca Budig (Greenlee. AMC), Jed Allan (Edward, GH) and Julie Pinson (Shiloh, Y&R).

Carolyn: What did you think of this year's Emmy nominations?

Michael: On CBS, they snubbed Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke. The Bold and the Beauitful), Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara, As the World Turns), Victoria Rowell (Dru. The Young and the Restless). Greg Rikaart (Kevin. Y&R) and the late Elizabeth Harrower (ex-Charlotte, Y&R), Agree or disagree?

Carolyn: Both. Who would you boot out of the Lead Actress category to make room for these ladies? Tamara Braun (Carly General hospital)? Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, Y&R)? I think not. You could make a case for Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis, GF) really not being Lead in 2003, and that might have paved the way for Colleen Zenk Pinter. who was amazing. But I don't think Elizabeth Narrower deserved an Emmy nod. Not to speak ill of the dead. but she was only on a handful of times and did some serious scene-chewing when she was. As for Greg Rikaart, He's new, and didn't really catch on till 2004. With the new procedure, actors have to he pre-voted onto a list only two per show. Y&R already has the deserving Christian J. LeBlanc (Michael) and Kristoff St. John (Neil) in Supporting. What about ABC?

Michael: ABC mostly got it right. I would have gotten in Natalia Livingston (Emily, GH) and Alicia Minshew (Kendall. All My Children). I also think they need to come up with some kind of kid Emmy, where three or four girls and boys are nominated in the same category, because through MANY WEEKS Kristen Alderson (Starr) was th only thing worth watching on One Life To Live.

Carolyn: Yes, and that little Dylan Cash who plays Michael on Gh, can break your heart. Some of those other younger leads are very ho-hum It's like the academy got out a calendar and did the math on who was under 25 years old and then threw people in based on the year they were born and not the work they did in 2003.I was very pleased with Bene Kristen's (Roxy, OLTL) nod for supporting but a little unclear on William de Vry (ex-Michael Cambias) being nominated for an Emmy when so much of the AMC cast wasn't. But, again, they only need two tapes.

Michael: Love Ilene, she's my girl! And she truly is a "supporting" actress, as opposed to those Lead Actresses who don't think they can win in that category; so they put themselves in "Supporting" I never got William de Vry either, but I did hear that the tape of Bianca's rape was submitted and was very, very good. (Please. Brian, no twin if this guy wins!) Okay, now let's get to the masters of the ceremony, NBC.These guys can't get a break.Very excited about Days 0f Our Lives' James Reynolds (and for all of you out there, HE IS MY CLIENT! ). But one acting nomination for the whole network? Come on, Alison Sweeney (Sami), Bryan R. I7attilo (Lucas) and Kristian Alfonso (Hope) should have been nominated from Days. and Brook Kerr (Whitney). Justin Hartley (Fox) and Ben Masters (Julian) should have been for Passions.

Carolyn: Again I must ask you, who would you boot out of those categories to make room for those names?

Michael: You REALLY want people to hate me as much as they hate you. Okay, I'm game, If I give you two names that shouldn't be on the nominations, are you willing to do the same Ms. Hinsey?

Carolyn: I already gave you Grahn and de Vry and I'm not the one listing copious names that should have been on the list. So, go.

Michael: Okay, I will go out on a limb and give you fine. (Here comes the HATE mail!) I really believe there are no clunkers on the list this year. but if I had to make room. I would take off Thorsten Kave (ex-Ian. Port Charles),William de Vry, Chad Brannon (ex Zander, GB), Jennifer Finnigan (exBridget, B&B) and Brian Presley (ex jack, PC). They are no longer on daytime If you're not on the team anymore. why should you get up to bat?

Carolyn: That's actually the first thing you've said that I totally agree with. Actors should be disqualified when they leave soaps. But that would mean your beloved James Reynolds wouldn't be up...

Michael: In all fairness, I signed James Reynolds after he left the show but you are correct about that. With what I proposed, he would not be nominated.You know, Carolyn, you made me think today, maybe for the first time since I realized that Maurice Benard was SONNYLICIOUS!
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