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Pecks New Role on ATWT

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Austin Peck was in his final days of airing as DAYS's Austin when he landed a new job playing ATWT's Brad Snyder.

Unlike his first exit from Salem in 2002, Peck was open to other soap work. "When I got off DAYS the first time, there were fortunately a lot of offers," he recalls. "But because I'd spent seven years on a soap, I turned them all down. I worked, but that steady gig thing.... After I found out that I'd be leaving DAYS again, Michael Bruno [his manager] got on the hom and found out what was out there and AS THE WORLD TURNS had a gig coming, up."

But there was a hiccup on the road to Oakdale. "The date of the screen test kept getting pushed back and I worked on the scene,which had all these long monologues," he explains. "I had that down for like three weeks! And then they changed the scene, so I learned a new scene, flew into New York and screen-tested. I got a positive vibe from the place and all the people and I felt good about my screen test." His instinct wasn't wrong: Setsiders are raving about his audition, which led to landing the role of Jack's brother, last played by John Loprieno in 1999. Peck is happy to be returning to the East Coast. "For a long time, I have had the itch to be back in New York," he says. "I love walking, I love being a part of the city that is bigger than you and whatever you think is important, unlike Hollywood, which is dorninated by 'the business.' [Wife] Tara's from New York; it's where we met. The only thing that's a little daunting is I have no idea what it's like to have children [sons Aidan and Roman] there. We'll find out."

The actor has already tuned in to check out his future home. "I noticed rightt off the bat that they have really good actors and really good writing," he praises. "It looks more character-driven, which I'm very excited about."

He's also excited to play a new role. "I'm going to be an antagonist, which I think is more up my alley," he notes. "Playing Austin in the end was one of the most difficult things I've had to do. When a character is written so good, you have to find the places to put in flaws and that was hard to do with Austin. I'm looking forward to being in an environment where they're more collaborative and everyone's working together. Don't get me wrong; I had a great time working on DAYS. A areat time. I felt I had a tremendous amount of freedom in my choices and I laughed every day. But I'm looking forward to this change."

Peck will begin taping in December.
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