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Kaylas Search For A New Star!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) is going to help discover DAYS OF OUR LIVES' next star!

The In Depth Story: As previously reported, Evans will be a judge on the fourth in-stallment of I WANNA BE A SOAP STAR, set to debut on SOAPnet in August. She'll join fellow judges Hogan Sheffer, DAYS' head-writer, and Michael Bruno, a talent manager (whose clients include Evans), as the SOAPnet reality show embarks on finding an actor to join the cast of DAYS.

How did Evans come to join the show? "I got a call to come in and help out with the preliminary judg-ing," she explains. "I thought it would be a fun day, hanging out with Hogan and Michael, who are both my friends."

The opportunity arose shortly after Evans read opposite some actresses who tested for the recast of Stephanie, which went to Shelley Hennig. "I really enjoyed doing that," she says. "I hope I get the chance towork with [the SOAP STAR contestants]."

According to SOAPnet, Evans received a full-time seat on the judges' panel after past judge Debbi Mor-gan (ex-Angie, ALL MY CHILDREN) bowed out due to scheduling conflicts. Evans predicts that her long-running relationship with her fellow panelists (Sheffer wrote ATWT during Evans' tenure as Sierra; Bruno has represented the actress for years) will help create an intimate viewing experience. And she feels that the tight knit but diverse judging group will find the best candidate possible. "Michael has the edge, Hogan comes from a character point of view and I bring the actor's perspective. We make a good team!"
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