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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No, it's not a network crossover - but ALL MY CHILDREN's Cameron Mathison (Ryan) is helping the rival soap find a new contract player!

The In Depth Story: When SOAPnet's reality hit I WANNA BE A SOAP STAR returns for its fourth sea-son on Tuesday, August 14th at 8 p.m. EST, Mathison will be on hand to help put the contestants through their paces. While the past three seasons of SOAP STAR have seen actors competing for roles on the ABC sudsers, the latest installment will land the lucky winner a part on DAYS.

The 10 contestants that made it through the nationwide talent search are: Ashlee Holland of Roa noke, VA; Jimena Hoyos of Bogota, Colombia; Joyce Liu of San Francisco, CA; Patricia Mizen of Fayetteville, NC; Monica Thomas of Topeka, KS; Yves Bright of Los Angeles, CA; Bo Gorman of Gaithersburg, MD; Justin Paul Kahn of Kendall Park, NJ; Corey Shelton of Camden, NJ; and Travis Wood of Ottawa, KS.

These budding thespians will perform acting challenges before a panel of judges including DAYS headwriter Hogan Sheffer, Mary Beth Evans (Kayla; ex-Katherine, GENERAL HOSPITAL) and returning talent manager Michael Bruno. "Any of them could be a core DAYS family member," notes Bruno, who reps several of that soap's stars, including Julie Pinson (Billie; ex-Eve, PORT CHARLES) ."What's great is that we have Hogan here."

Mathison says he'd love to give the contestants the benefit of his experience, but knows that's not why he's there. "'They want the host to stay the host," he nods. "But I want to help them so badly!" Who gave Mathison tips when he joined AMC almost a decade ago? "Marcy Walker (ex-Liza) was one of the most helpful to me," the actor recalls. "And David Forsythe (ex-Jim). We shared a dressing room and he walked me through my first public appearance!"

This season, fans will have a say in the contest's out-come when they are asked to vote for their favorite of two contestants in the Tuesday, October 9, episode. Check out the ABC issue of Soaps In Depth, on sale Tuesday, August 14, for a peek behind the scenes of the reality hit!
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