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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Best Of Show Or Worse For Wear? Digest Hands Out Blue Ribbons And Booby Prizes

Thumbs Up!/Thumbs Down!
The Night Stuff

SOAPnet deserves props for an adventurous attitude. I WANNA BE A SOAP STAR is even better this season - the refreshingly diverse crop of candidates may be the strongest yet, not to mention gorgeous, and the addition of backstories got us invested at the get-go. New judges, DAYS OF OUR LIVES's Head Writer Hogan Sheffer and Mary Beth Evans (Kayla), freshen things up. Even more important the show knows what not to tamper with, namely Michael Bruno whose witty observations and direct style make him a keeper, and the always engaging host Cameron Mathison.

Something new, but sadly, not an improvement is THE FASHIONISTA DIARIES. First the premise is confusing. Six college grads are paired off and intern at a cosmetics company, a magazine and a PR firm but are they competing for something or are their situations merely intended to create drama? From the overly bitchy redheaded PR exec to the Juicy Couture-lovin' girl from Queens, the participants come off as caricatures.

SOAPnet is smart to air soap-themed reality TV like SOAP STAR, but FASHIONISTA is just not the right fit.

Thumbs Up!
The Great Defender
It happened in dribs and drabs but over the last few years, Ridge mo hed into a first-class jerk. He made Brooke and Taylor audition for the role of Mrs. Forrester, dumped Taylor for telling the truth had sex with a zonked-out Brooke socked Rick, let Nick take a murder rap and followed Stephanie's maniacal bidding to get custody of Brooke's kids. So his marked improvement lately is worth shouting about.

When Brooke confessed about the rape, Ridge tenderly assured her that she wasn't to blame and he would never doubt her mothering skills again. Then Ridge shifted into heroic mode a side we haven't seen in awhile to make sure Andy, Brooke's rapist would not be a threat again, and brought Hope and R.J. home to their mom. Just like that Ridge gamed our respect and admiration. Let's hope that guy sticks around.

Thumbs Up!
Devane Inspiration

AMC has never seemed to know quite what to do with Aiden Turner's dashing on-screen alter ego , Aidan Devane. He's been a Pine Valley fixture for over five years now, but his pairings - both those that clicked Kendall and those that didn't Maureen, anyone?) - never had staying power. Thus Turner's potential as a romantic lead remained untapped.

Enter Greenlee. Following Aidan's back-burner hookup with Di, he was ripe for a fresh involvement and the fact that Greenlee's obsession with Ryan was (finally) on the wane made her an excellent candidate. Aidan is so likable that his endorsement of Greenlee is making her more palatable and so far, their scenes together have made terrific use of Turner's charms. If the show keeps up the tenderness and the fun factor, they just may strike gold with these two.

And hey - even those Aidan fans who aren't on board with the pairing are sure to appreciate that we're seeing so much more of him.
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