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Could PC Have Been Saved?

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Could PC Have Been Saved?
Experts weigh in on how cancelled PORT CHARLES might have changed its fate.

The In Depth Story: At the crux of any debate about PC's possible liabilities is the question of whether the supernatural element introduced with the March 2001 Time In A Bottle arc (and unleashed three months later with Tainted Love) helped or hindered the soap. "Given the way the world is, maybe we're just doing the right thing in giving people what they need - some fantasy," Jon Robert Undstrom (Kevin) recently suggested. Yet in spinning such far-out tales, PC could have been wise to regulate itself better. "If you are throwing something out there that is not real, you have to be very specific about what the rules are," Thorsten Kaye (Ian) once argued, alluding to PC's version of vampire lore that alienated some fans (and actors) with inconsistent storytelling parameters. "If you ask me to make a choice as an actor, I will, but you can't change that for another scene three weeks down the road."

Others propose that PC, after enjoying a ratings bump from Tainted Love, was Tempted to ignore the saying that a little goes a long way. "The vampire idea was a great one – for a moment," says Michael Bruno, manager to such stars as Julie Pinson (ex Eve) and Michael Dietz (ex-Joe). "I have always thought PC could be saved. I would've crossed it over more to GENERAL HOSPITAL, and stuck to the concept of a young ER'"

Bruno says the loss of many familiar faces also was a big blow to a 6-yearold sudser. ''You cannot get rid of original actors during the first few years of a new show," he argues. "You want to be able to tune in on your summer break and catch up with Eve, Julie and Joe. Otherwise, why bother to invest?"

Perhaps PC - like RYAN'S HOPE and LOVING/THE CITY before it - had an impossible row to hoe? "We tried our hardest," says Kelly Monaco (Livvie), "but I just don't think that anyone in that
time slot could survive." Adds Brian Gaskill (Rafe), "Ratings have changed. The amount of people at I home just isn't as large."

After all, as Lynn Herring (Lucy) notes, "Any positive nod" - like the multiple Emmy nominations PC got this year - "is wonderful,
but it still comes down to dollars and cents. That's the bottom line."
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