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Have Fans Seen The Last of Macy?

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Ins & Outs

B&B Have Fans Seen The Last Of Macy?

By involving her in a tragic accident, THE
BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL appears to be
mulling a tragic twist in the fate of a lead heroine.

The In Depth Story: As teased in the previous CBS Soaps In Depth, Bobbie Eakes' current status with B&B may be in question, with Macy critically injured in the chandelier crash at Oscar's club. Then again, some insiders caution that all may not necessarily be as it seems. For example: A spokesperson for the soap (while sticking to the network's policy of not commenting on actors' contracts) shares that Eakes was slated to take part in B&B's latest cast photo on September 30. (Then again, that could just be a precautionary measure in case B&B ultimately opts to keep Macy in the mix.)

Further adding to the mystery is the actress' manager, Michael Bruno, who reports that Eakes' current pact with B&B still has a few months on it. Interestingly, all of this speculation came to a head the same week that Charlie's War — a World War II drama which Eakes filmed I in 2002, with Olympia Dukakis, Lynn Redgrave and Diane Ladd — had its first LA. screening. With that in mind, her rep adds, "I don't know exactly where Bobbie's going next, but after seeing this film, I know she's only going up. She blew everyone away with her performance."
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