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GHs AJ Leaving

Tuesday, November 4, 2003

As previously reported, GH's Billy Warlock (above) will be exiting the role of AJ before year's end. "Legally. we just got the papers last week." confirms Warlock's manager, Michael Bruno. "He'll be done [taping] by the end of November."

Bruno reveals that he was initially working on a deal to send Warlock to an ABC soap in New York. "We went to Jill [Farren Phelps, GH executive producer] and Brian [Frons, ABC daytime president] over a year ago before we re-signed:"he says. "We were really hoping to go to ALL MY CHILDREN in character and have AJ work with Greenlee [Rebecca Budig]. Brian seemed for it, Jill was very supportive of it, but Megan [McTavish, AMC's head writer] didn't want to use Billy at that time:' The writing was on the wall at GH.

"When I heard they were taking on Rick Hearst [Ric] and re-signing Ted King [Alcazar], I knew it was over." Bruno admits. "but I was shocked when they resigned Billy in May."

Bruno reports that Warlock has no hard feelings toward the show that he's been on since 1997. "Brian and Jill have been nothing but wonderful;" Bruno praises. "We knew four months ago that this was coming to an end. we just didn't know when. The sadness is that there is no one to blame: GH has an abundance of leading men. But it hurts me to see Billy not being used to his potential: he was used like a day player."

As for the future, "He really wants to shake it up and move to New York. Billy would love to stay in the ABC family, but he is also intrigued by the possibility of going to GUIDING LIGHT, with John Conboy [executive producer], whom he worked with on CAPITOL [where Warlock played Ricky]. He has heard only good things about the show from Stephen [Martines, Tony; ex-Nikolas, GH]. He loves daytime and wants to stay in it" And hey, he could also return to DAYS as Frankie, now that Jennifer is alone...
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