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GH Star To Play Alan Michael?

Tuesday, December 2, 2003

Will Billy Warlock (soon-to-be-ex-A.J., GENERAL HOSPITAL) next turn up on the East Coast - perhaps as a Spaulding scion?

The In Depth Story: warlock's manager, Michael Bruno, says the GH vet "would love to go there [to GUIDING LIGHT], or to AMC. But GL is at the top of his list" And what better role than Alan-Michael, who as the not-quitefavorite son of a core family, shares much in common with GH black sheep A.J. "The most logical choice would be for Billy to come on [GL] as Alan Michael," says Bruno. "It would strengthen the Spauldings, he could go head-to-head with Gus, and go after his ex-wife, Harley, Gus' current love interest."

Warlock's possible coast switch would come on the heels of Stephen Martines (who also did the GH-to-GL jump, and now is GL's Tony) and Heather Tom, who left Y&R for OLTL.
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