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B&B Beauty Bests Two...

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

B&B Beauty Bests Two other Soap Vets To Play Tad's New Love!

The race to cast Babe's mom on ALL MY CHILDREN went right down to the wire, but in the end, it's THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL's Bobbie Eakes who will fill the plum role.

The In Depth Story: It's the role that every actress seemed to want, but only one got to have it. Insiders tell Soaps In Depth that AMC's short list for the role of Krystal had boiled down to three beauties: Sarah Aldrich (Courtney, PORT CHARLES), Nadine Stenovitch (Josie, ANOTHER WORLD) and Eakes, who this week wraps up her second stint as B&B
herione Macy.

Although recent buzz had Stenovitch holding ever so slight an edge in scoring the highly-coveted opportunity to play opposite Michael E. Knight's Tad - if only because Eakes likely would command a bigger paycheck - AMC ultimately opted to make a BOLD move and snatch up the CBS fan favorite. "Bobbie just nailed it," raves A M C headwriter Megan McTavish of the actress' audition. "She is so good and beautiful and had such good chemistry with Michael."

Tad's life will be further complicated by the arrival of Babe's momma," previews the scribe "This is going to be fun!" As you can imagine, we are ecstatic," says Eakes' manager, Michael Bruno. "The great thing about this is that [B&B executive producer] Brad Bell legally could have held onto Bobbie until December, but was gracious enough to let her out of her contract early. We aer eternally grateful to him for that."

Eakes first air date was not made available.
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