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Will A.J. Be Recast?

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

When Billy Warlock exits GENERAL HOSPITAL, what will happen to A.J.? Here's the latest!

The In Depth Story: As Warlock's manager, Michael Bruno, tells In Depth, "[Billy] has been released, and is done at the end of November." A GH rep confirms the soap vet's exit, giving Thursday, December 11, as his last air date.
"It saddens me because in Billy's heart, he wanted to stay," Bruno says. "All he wanted was a story and a love interest." But when GH didn't come through - despite having inked the actor to a new deal hust last May - a parting of the ways became unavoidable.

Will Warlock return to DAYS OF OUR LIVES, where he played Frankie? "Billy is dying to get to New York," says Bruno, hinting at possible opportunities on East Coast shows.

Another looming question is what GH will do with the troubled Q son. "They can't kill AJ." says Warlock's on-screen brother, Steve Burton (Jason).

"You never get killed if you're a Quatermaine." As such, a recast may be in order, perhaps an actor who previously filled AJ's shoes. Since Warlock's immediate predecessor, Sean Kanan, is busy as B&B's Deacon, Burton suggests, "They should bring back Gerald Hopkins, the first [adult] AJ. He was good."
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