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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Dear Soaps,
Sami talks about Rex being her half brother on Days of our Lives. Who are they related through? — Laura
Dear Laura,
Even though Rex and his twin sister, Cassie, made their first appearance in Salem in a capsule from outer space, we found out pretty quickly they weren't aliens. For quite some time, it was believed they were the spawn of Marlena and Tony DiMera, which probably makes you think that's the connection, since Marlena is Sami's mom. Not quite. Further investigation proved the twins are actually Kate and Roman's offspring. Roman's also Sami's dad, so she and Rex are half siblings via their father. Brain reeling yet?


Dear Soaps,
Every time a "promising" new writing regime at Guiding Light plans to focus on its rich history, I wonder if Lillian Raines will get her own story. She's only had two though she's been on the show more than 20 years. I want my Lillian, please! — Tom Y.

Dear Tom Y.,
You're right, we haven't seen much of Lillian as of late. But if Lillian's daughter Beth keeps moving deeper into the spotlight as a prime suspect in Phillip's murder, it could mean more promising screen time for the Raines matriarch! Beth's going to need her mother's support if she's suddenly facing a judge for Phillip's murder rap. And someone's got to scold Beth for her attraction to Rick, a very married man. It might as well be Mama. OK, so Lillian's starting off as a supporting player, but sooner or later she'll need someone's comforting arms to deal with her daughter's shenanigans. Before you know it, Lillian's front-burner in her own torrid love triangle! But enough of our fantasy wishes. What's your dream story line for your fave daytime heroine?


Dear Soaps,
Been watching General Hospital for quite some time now. I was wondering if Elizabeth and Lucky are going to get back together in the near future? — Taylor

Dear Taylor,
You're not the only one! The men in Elizabeth's life have been less than substantial since she and Lucky were involved seven years ago. He is her first love — remember when Lucky and Elizabeth took their vows in that empty church to be together forever? Feelings like those never die, so it's a no-brainer that they would find themselves back with one another now. More importantly, it would finally give the vastly underused Greg Vaughan and Rebecca Herbst, Lucky and Emily's portrayers, something to do in Port Charles.


Dear Soaps,
Will Bridget and Ridge on The Young and the Restless have an affair? — MJ

Dear MJ,
Highly doubtful, since Ridge and Bridget are actually on The Bold and the Beautiful. (Not that they wouldn't ever take a trip to Genoa City since Y&R's studio is right across the hall from B&B's!) That aside, it's still unlikely. At the moment, Bridget only seems to have eyes for Ridge's half brother, Nick, and Ridge is PO'd!


Dear Soaps,
Where have I seen the actress playing Margaret on One Life to Live? She looks really familiar. — Barbara

Dear Barbara,
Get to the theater much? Tari Signor, who plays Todd's obsessed kidnapper, has appeared in several productions off and off-off Broadway, including Scattergood, A Woman of No Importance and Cyrano de Bergerac. You may have caught her guest appearances on Third Watch or Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Or maybe you caught her indie flick Rudy Blue. And here's a weird soap connection: In Blue, Signor plays a character named Eve Crane. That would be the new name of Passions' Eve Russell if she ever marries her first love, Julian Crane!


Dear Soaps,
I have always wanted to be on a soap. What do you think I should do to help make that dream of mine happen? — Shannon

Dear Shannon,
You need to get the cell-phone number of a hot soap-actor manager who is on speed dial with daytime's top casting directors. That would pretty much be Michael Bruno, one of the top reps in the business. His clients include Jack Wagner (Nick, B&B), Lauren Koslow (Kate, Days) and Jed Allan (Edward, GH), just to name a few. We rang him up so he could impart a few words on breaking into the biz. "Know your type — if you're a leading man or an ingenue — and be in the best shape and be the best actor you can be," he recommends. Of course, we're not giving out his number, so your next best bet is to score a spot on Soapnet's reality show I Wanna Be a Soap Star (Bruno was a judge during the contest's first season). Round 2 begins this June, and the winner will get a 13-week contract role on an ABC soap.
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