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Late Breaking News Mattson In, Collier Out At ATWT

Saturday, December 30, 2006

ATWT's transitional phase continues as Mark Collier (Mike) makes his exit this week - just as soap vet Robin Mattson (ex-janet, AMC;ex-Gina, SB et al) begins work on a short-term stint.

"It changed over before the [holiday] break with Mark and Paul [Leyden, ex-Simon] being gone, but for some reason it's just hitting me now. I went back and half of me was expecting that they would be there, bujt they weren't" sighs Terri Columbino (Katie), whose character is feeling pretty optimistic this week:

Despite all her scheming she got Mike back. "Just knowing that their relationship is on the road to recovery makes her verry happy." Then a letter from Simon arrives.

"Here's the ironic part: she reads it and really does let him go. The fact that she keeps the letter is not a manipulative Katie moment. But he walks in when she has it and her immediate response is to hide it. Of course, she's been so secretive and manipulative before that he thinks that's what it is again and he says, 'Forget it,'" explains Colombino. "Mike and Katie kind of realize the writings on the wall, that it's gotten a little bit too difficult at this point in that too many things have happened for us to continue on, So Mike leaves town." adds Collier. "He doesn't know where he's going; he just knows he's leaving. He's kind of infamous for just taking off, so this is true to Mike." Collier's last air date is january 26. That leaves Katie all alone. "which is actually where she should be," says Colombino. "I hope that shw grows and learns from this because I can't play this same character over and over without her growing up. It's driving me crazy. You can quote me on that."

Mattson doesn't start aring until February 12, but the actress has signed on as Cheri, who is involved with Emily (Kelley Menighan Hensley). "There was another show interested and then to my delight I got a call from [ATWT] asking about Robin's availability." says her manager and I WANNA BE A SOAPSTAR judge Michael Bruno. "Robin went in for a meeting and a half-hour later, a deal was closed." Presumably, the story will culminate with Henley's mid-year maternity leave - she's pregnant again, due in July.
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