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The Future of Plastics

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Stars Know How To Save Face - By Elaine G. Flores

There really is a fountain of youth - or at least enough modern technology to pass for it - and stars are jumping in. Crystal Chappell (Olivia, GUIDING LIGHT), who is featured in our Beautiful Women section on page 72, shares, "I've had Botox. I'm 42 Years old!" Asked if she'd ever get plastic surgery, she says: "It's something I want to do sparingly. I don't want to look like somebody else and I don't want to look like I'm trying to be 20. But yeah, sure."

Some say cosmetic surgery is a job necessity, but not one a lot of stars blab about. That's fine when they look natural and "refreshed." Not so much when the work is as plain as the new nose on your face."The fact that certain actors get such extreme work done and then attempt to conceal it is almost comical," dishes multiple Emmy-winning makeup artist Kevin James Bennett.

Would-be soap star Jessamyn Bradley, 22, of's talent-search INTURN, 'fessed up to her 5,300 breast im plants. In an interview with, Bradley, who made it to the final three and appeared on AS THE WORLD TURNS for an epoisode admitted: "Yeah, they were all asking me these questions on camera, so if I lie about it, you are obviously going to be able to tell I'm lying. Even though I'm not embarrassed or ashamed, it's not something I stand on a street corner and preach about."

Not that tune-ups are a secret backstage. SOAP-net's I WANNA BE A SOAP STAR judge Michael Bruno says, "Behind the scenes, they're saying, 'Get it, but get it so it looks like you didn't get it.' That is the trick of it. I've never heard of a show saying to an actor or an actress, 'You need to get plastic surgery,' but the actors are not idiots. They see them selves every day. There are younger people coming on, they see that they are working less, so they are adult enough to make that decision that they need to get some work done."

Certain aspects of the business of daytime make it more common. Bruno explains, "The problem is that you're lit only from above ... which means that it really brings out bags under your eyes. It's the worst lighting."

In layman's terms think of airplane-bath-room lighting and you see the stars' point of view. And high-definition TV is nobody's friend either. "I'm all for plastic surgery," Bruno states, adding, "The problem is that people go too far." And in his opinion, 'The worst thing of all is getting a brow-lift. That's the one that completely gives you no expression in your face and your eyebrows arch more. There are men who do it - there was a star on one show who got it so drastically that he looked like a jack-o'-lantern."

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