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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Happy New Year one and all. I hope the holidays were good for you as they were for us here at Soaptown. This week I am going to pass on gossip, rumors and tidbits. As I have previously mentioned with the studios being dark over the holidays there is not much to report.

Say goodbye to 2004 and hello to 2005. But not before Soaptown takes one last look at all the Best and Worst of 2004. I asked Michael Bruno arguably the crème de la crème of talent management and whom I consider an "expert" in the field of daytime if he would take a moment out of his busy schedule to give his views. His knack at recognizing and nurturing the stars of today and tomorrow contributes as much or more to the success of our favorite daytime dramas as good writing, acting or directing. Who better to judge this years Best and Worst. See if you agree.


Best Actress: Alexa Havins-She has the rare ability to make her bad girl characterization vulnerable and likeable.

Worst Character- It would have to be the three "Heathers" (Hot Girls) tormenting 'Lily'. Once again AMC rehashes the same story with mean girls, always in 'threes' with 'ridiculous' names.

Best Actor: Vincent Irrazary & Michel Knight-Tied. They really were given the ball to run with and both scored touchdowns.

Worst Actor: John Callahan-He has run his course.

Best Story: Baby switch and Resolution

Worst Story: The deconstruction of the role of "Kendall". The writers have made her into a shrew. Alicia deserves MUCH better.

Best Surprise: Jacob Young is becoming a better actor every day. It was a smart move to make him "bad".


Best Actress: Sarah Brown-I happen to really like her in this role. You never know as an actress what she will do next.

Worst Actress: Christina Chambers-She was on for a minute, but as Molly was one of the WORST recasts in recent memory.

Best Actor: Hunt Block-He has so much fun being "bad"

Worst Character: Holden is another character that has run his course, and I wouldn't have recast 'Hal'. By killing 'Hal' when Ben Hendrickson left, it would have given drama and opened up Kelly Mehnighans "Emily".

Best Story: I like that they really did wife beating with Les and Julia, and didn't shy away from it. It was brutal to watch and a storyline rarely done, even though I believe AMC is about to copy it.

Worst Story: The Boxing Saga

Best Surprise: Julia really isn't our old "Julia"

The Bold & The Beautiful

Best Actress: Katherine Kelly Lang-She is completely under-rated.

Worst Character: I would have said "Amber", but now I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'd love to see her end up in "Ridges" bed!

Best Actor: Ron Moss-He is doing the best work he's ever done on that show playing a real bastard, and he seems to be loving it, which makes it even more fun to watch.

Best Story: Sibling Rivalry between Ridge and Thorne

Worst Story: Nick should never have stopped fighting for Brooke. Jack Wagner is the only man in the history of the show that could have given the Brooke/Ridge love story a run for it's money.


Best Actress: Kristian Alfonso-She makes "campy" dialogue work.

Worst Actress: Martha Madson-I don't dislike this girl, but I don't love her. It may be because she just isn't BELLE to me yet.

Best Actor: Bryan Datillo & Jason Cook-Both play this over the top show for real. They play both roles like real people in bizarre situations.

Worst Actor: I like Drake Hogesten, but sometimes I feel as if he's doing an impersonation of Drake doing "John" doing Drake.

Best Story: The murders

Worst Story: That no one was really murdered.

Best Surprise: Mimi really aborts the baby is the best surprise!


Best Actress-Nancy Lee Grahn & Tamara Braun-Simply the best work on daytime television. Both will be nominated for EMMYS.

Worst Character: Tracy Quartermaine-I'd have to say Tracy, only because she seems to have such a stick up her butt about everything and everyone. She should have at least one person she kind of likes to show her other colors.

Best Actor: Everyone will say Maurice Benard, but Rick Hearst has my money. You never know what he's going to bring to each scene, unlike others on the show.

Worst Character: Lucky Spencer-Greg Vaughan is completely miscast as LUCKY. He would be fine as any other character. He doesn't have the edge or sexuality that the character of "Lucky" should have.

Best Story: Kristina reveal as Sonny's daughter.

Worst Story: The Towering Inferno. Great productions values and they killed day players. They really copped out on this one. How much more effective it would have been if "Edward" or "Justice" and "Faith" died.

Worst Surprise: Heather was in love with Luke??????? HUH???? It ruined Robin Mattson's return and the fact they didn't use her to flush out her son Steven Lars's character more, is just a shame.


Best Actress: Gina Tognoni-She has made the role of "Dinah" her own and is wickedly bad and funny as well. She seems to be enjoying herself putting the screws to Cassie.

Best Actor: Tom Pelphrey-The find of the year. He will be nominated and win for Younger Actor at the Emmys.

Best Story: The real Jonathan comes home.

Worst Story: Holly kidnapped by Sebastian

Best Surprise: That Jonathan, knowing Tammy was his cousin, and slept with her. BRILLIANT!!!


Best Actress: Erika Slezak- for keeping a straight face through this tumultuous year.

Worst Character: Marcie- Hearing Kathy Briers' "Marcie" shriek thru every scene made me want to put my hand in a blender.

Best Actor: Tuc Watkins-Completely under-rated. His adlibs are classic!

Worst Character: Tico, played by Javier Morga. It is obvious that English was his second language which didn't help, but also the character should have been much stronger sexually and much more intriguing. They needed to cast the Latin version of "Todd Manning"

Worst Story: Marcie's gay brother. It pushed the "Gay Movement" back 20 years. An insult to anyone who is gay or ever knew a gay person.

Best/Worst Surprise: There are no surprises on this show, that's why it's not working.


Best Actress: Brooke Kerr-She is amazing and under-rated. She does great simple work and we can see her torn between the choices her character must make.

Worst Character: Paloma-She is a little too much for my liking. She needs to bring down her energy a bit.

Best Actor: Justin Hartley is a find. Great looking and very very likeable. He has chemistry with everyone.

Worst Actor: Rodney Van Johnson-I am not a fan. He screams every scene.

Best Story: The love between Eve and Julian

Worst Story: The orangutan lessens any kind of good drama out of the show.

The Young & The Restless

Best Actress: Joan Van Ark- A great loss to the show

Worst Actress: Lyndsey Forsenca- I can't get the image out of my head of her dancing in her fathers office 3 years ago. Still gives me nightmares.

Best Actor- Cristian LeBlanc-They must agree with me, because the show has now built an entire family around him.

Worst Actor: Keith Hamilton Cobb-I'm not a big fan, but he lost a lot of his appeal when he cut the dread locks.

Best Story: Ashley dumping Brad for Victor and Victor staying with Nikki.

Worst Story: Arthur is Jill's father and the love of Kay's life and he arrives and leaves within five months???

Best Surprise: Victor chose Nikki over Ashley. Good wri
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