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Monday, April 23, 2007

I Wanna Be a Soap Star lost credibility last year when its grand prize-a 13 week contract role on One Life to Live-went to the charismatic but talent-free Mikey Jerome. (He was dropped by the ABC soap ASAP-) And now Soap Star has competition: InTurn, the vastly superior suds-star search at cbs-com. What to do? Bring in an icon. When Soap Star returns in August the prize is a gig on Days ofOur Lives, so SoapNet has hired Days head writer Hogan Sheffer as a judge-the first time the person who has to create a role for the winner will actually sit on the panel.

"I'm taking this very seriously," says Sheffer, a quadruple-Emmy winner. "This is no throwaway contest. We will find a real actor." He and the other judges (Days star Mary Beth Evans and talent manager and Simon Cowell wannabe Michael Bruno) have already whittled down 60 semifinalists to their dream 10. "1 came into this cynical, but I'm floored by the talent SoapNet found," says Sheffer, adding that he "won't be flip or malicious with my comments. Let Bruno be the bitch."
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