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Winner Sees Crystal Clear!

Monday, December 31, 2007

AshleenHolland, the winner of I WANNA BE A SOAPSTAR. joins DAYS OF OUR LIVES as a mysterioue medium.

The In Depth Story: Holland may have won the SOAP-net competition in Octoer, but she had to wait over a month before reporting for duty as Crystal, a psychic who has some important information for Marlena. The newcomer's first air date is Wednesday, December 26. "I talked to my friends who watch DAYS and saw every episode I had of it on my TiVo," Holland tells In Depth. Since DAYS headwriter (and SOAP STAR judge) Hogan Sheffer has said that Holland's character could end up being a Carver, it's possible, given Crystal's clairvoyant skills, she could be connected to Celeste!

Holland received quite a sign when she drove to her acting coach's studio to prepare for her daytime debut "I got a parking spot right in front of a psychic shop," she recalls, adding that she then checked out the parlor for research. "I talked to a psychic whose name happened to be Crystal!"
Deidre Hall (Marlena) also offered the newbie valuable aid. "She told me to take beats so the camera can really capture what you're trying to convey, and when you do that, you get more camera time!"
The actress has also reunited with SOAP STAR judges Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) and talent manager Michael Bruno. "Mary Beth gave me a big hug in the makeup room," Holland shares, "and Michael has given me pointers."
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