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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

As we reported last I some really great people week, B&B has hired for I over at DAYS and I miss mer DAYS star Brandon them. And I really enjoy actBeemer (ex-Shawn, r.) for a ing on soaps. It's the tough- major role, but at press time, est work I've ever done, but the show still hasn't come up with a character description, name or even a first air date. The unknowns don't bother the actor. "I think it's great that they wanted me even before they created a character," smiles Beemer, who signed a three-year contract. "I'm very grateful. It's a little strange not knowing who I'm going to play — I would like to get prepared -- but I'm really excited about playing somebody completely different from Shawn. I just hope they work me a lot!"

Despite feeling "really bummed" over getting axed from his first soap role, Beemer had never soured on daytime. "It's just the nature of the business," he shrugs. "I could never hold that against them. There are also the most rewarding."

This latest gig didn't come long after his DAYS exit. "[Talent manager] Michael Bruno is a friend of mine and he told me that BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL would be a good show for me to be on," says Beemer. "He explained what kind of soap it was and the more I heard about it, the more I was interested. Michael asked if I wanted to meet with some of the people there and I said sure, so not too long after that I talked to [Executive Producer/Head Writer] Brad Bell."

The chat led to an audition. "I read for the role of Donna's son, Marcus, but they decided to change directions with that character and the part went to the really awesome Texas Battle," smiles Beemer. "So, I just kind of thought, 'Well, maybe this isn't going to happen after all.' But I got another call from them and they wanted me to play someone else."

There's already a familiar face at B&B. "Nadia's [Bjorlin, DAYS's Chloe] really good friends with Kyle [Lowder, Rick; ex- Brady, DAYS] and [his wife] Ari [Zucker Nicole DAYS], so we've got all sorts of connections to stay in touch now," he laughs.

Look for Beemer to first appear in early July.
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