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Judi Evans Joins AWTW

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

While Wally Kurth is headed back to DAYS in Auirust, his longtime co-star Judi Evans (ex-Adrienne/Bonnie. DAYS; ex-Paulina, AW; ex-Beth, GL) will be in Oakdale on August 26, where he played Sam in 2007.

"Michael Bruno, my illustrious god and manager that he is. called me up one day and he said, 'Listen, I have something coming up; what do you think?' And I said, 'I need to get back to New York; I have a 20 by 20 storage unit full of furniture that I have to clean out,' " Evans laughs. "I was going to go this summer anyway, so it was very out of the blue and it was certainly welcome. I'm looking forward to working with Chris Gout- man [executive producer, who she worked with on AW] again and I can't wait to see Julie Pinson [Janet; ex-Billie, DAYS]. I miss her. [My son] Austin his cousins and will see some family. It really turned out to be perfect timing?'

But Evans hasn't been idle since leaving DAYS in 2008. "I had a career change," she explains. "I help people secure cemetery property and plan their funeral before they need it. I work with the biggest cemetery in the world, Rose Hills, so I've been enjoying assisting and serving people. Sometimes, it was a month or two between auditions, and I needed something that was just for me. It's a little weird and people look at me like, 'Okay ... that's interesting,' but the satisfaction it gives me is wonderful."

Evans says she has been recognized during consultations. "They can't quite place it. I'm sitting in their house and they're like, 'I know you ... school,"I just did a Hallmark movie of the week yesterday with Eddie Cibrian [ex-Cole, BEACH]. What a cutie."

Evans's ATWT character name will be Maeve, but who she'll be working with is still under wraps. She's just happy to return to the studio where she toiled as AW's Paulina from 1991- 99. "I dream about the Brooklyn studio from time to time, so I can't wait to go back and hopefully see some of the same crew that I used to work with and have that fabulous Chinese food I had missed so much."
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