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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm not that Michael Bruno. There's been some confusion over this. Several times people have mistakenly thought that I am the guy from The Michael Bruno Group. Well, I'm not. I am "Mike." I live in New York and work for Digest. He is "Michael." He is a talent manager who lives in Los Angeles. I am the guy you see above. He is the guy to your right.

On my first day at Digest, I was asked by a good percentage of the staff, "Did you know there is another Michael Bruno who works in soaps?" I did not. I did meet him once, briefly: I shook hands with him when he was in New York for the Emmys in 2004. He seems like a nice enough fellow. He's certainly knowledgeable about the industry. Once, when I called him for a feature story. he was kind enough to speak to me for a good half hour. I would go so far as to say I like Michael Bruno. But again, to set the record straight, I am not Michael Bruno. I am Mike Bruno.

You'd be surprised by how often this issue rears its head. For one, it makes Googling myself impossible. For years I knew that I had less Web presence than Mike Bruno, the NASCAR driver. However, after gaining employment at Digest I figured that adding "soap opera"' to a search for my name would weed out the dopplegdngers and put me at the top. No dice. Michael Bruno, the talent manager, strikes again.

Then there was the 2005 Daytime Emmy Awards mix-up. Although I arrived only 15 minutes late to the preshow banquet dinner. I found that in my absence, poor Michael Bruno had been directed to my spot at the Digest table. Et tu, Emmy seat-planners?

The final straw came the other day. I received a letter from a disgruntled reader berating me for saying on "my"' Web site, as well as on "my" SOAPnet appearance that Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis, GH) was robbed when Erika Slezak (Viki, OLTL) won the Emmy for Lead Actress. I don't have a Web site, and I've never been on SOAPnet, but I had a hunch I knew who she was talking about. The reader went on to call me "two-faced" for favoring Grahn on SOAPnet, then praising Slezak's Emmy victory in a Digest feature interview, which I did, in fact, write. "I wonder if Erika would have granted you an interview and been so cooperative and congenial had she really known how you felt about her win," the furious reader said. Michael Bruno strikes again.

I can understand the confusion. We both have the same name and we both work in soaps. But for the record, we are, in fact, two separate people. Perhaps one day everyone will realize this. But until then, please - just call me Mike.

By Mike Bruno
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