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OLTL Jugdement Day For Soap Wannabes

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

With a contract role on ONE LIFE TO LIVE at stake, talent manager Michael Bruno - one of the judges for SOAPnet's I WANNA BE A SOAP STAR reality contest - shares his thoughts and frustrations about this season's quest for daytime's next big star.

The In Depth Story: First and foremost, says Bruno, the popularity of SOAP STAR is growing with each season. "That first year, I bought my own clothes, and now they are doing [stylist] fittings for me, so you know the show is doing good that way!" he quips.

But in all seriousness, Bruno notes that the third installment - which ultimately places the winner in a role on OLTL - ups the ante by offering two programs in one. "You have the behind-the-scenes,which is the BIG BROTHER/ REAL WORLD aspect where contestants are living with each other - who's not getting sleep, who's on the edge, who's fighting. And then you have the AMERICAN IDOL part of the show where we [judges] know nothing of what's going on backstage. We're just looking at the task at hand and deciding who should be, this time, on OLTL."

And that proved to be as much of a challenge as some of the missions pre-sented to the contestants! "A lot of the frustration that I was having - and I think I saw that in a few episodes - was my getting so angry that these kids did not un-derstand the opportunity they had in front of them," shares Bruno."They were seeing not only me, a manager, but [OLTL casting director] Julie Madison, who they would never be able to see otherwise."

Overall, Bruno is quite pleased with the outcome of the series. "It's a puzzle that you will not believe," he relates. "It's a diverse group that you can't stop watching." As for who nabbed the coveted 13-week contract on OLTL... well, Bruno will only say that we must tune in to see for ourselves! "The winner won't be revealed until it's over in August. It would ruin the show!" he says with a laugh.

The third season of I WANNA BE A SOAP STAR premieres on Thursday, June 8, at 11 p.m. on SOAPnet
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