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DAYS The Secret Behind A Couples Return

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A CBS soap played a role in the union of DAYS OF OUR LIVES' superduo Patch and Kayla!

The in Depth Story: A rep for DAYS confirms that af-ter more than a decade, Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) and Stephen Nichols (Patch) will be seen on screen in early June. Ironi-cally, it was ATWTs plan to recast the role of Lucy that indirectly resulted in the fan favorites' return. Since Evans has been playing the recurring role of Lucy's mom, Sierra, since 2000, her talent manager, Michael Bruno, says he called ATWT's executive producer Chris Goutman "to see if they wanted Mary Beth back. Chris said they'd in-deed need Sierra back in some capacity."

Although Evans enjoyed being on ATWT, her preference was to join an LA-based soap since her family lives in California. "I called [DAYS] to see if there was any interest in Mary Beth," reveals Bruno, who was told by an executive that DAYS was attracted to the idea but only if his other client, Nichols, would re-turn as well. `We had a deal in place in 72 hours."

Evans returns to DAYS with Goutman's blessing. "Chris was amazing about it all," notes Bruno. "He's an enormous supporter of Mary Beth's." Although cryptic about his clients' upcoming storyline, Bruno shares, "Both are very ex-cited about going back to DAYS. They're looking for-ward to working together where the magic began."
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