Press: I Wanna Be A Soapstar (21)

Reality TV Comes To Salem!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

SOAPnet's I WANNA RE A SOAP STAR - with your help - will land someone a role on DAYS OF OUR LIVES!

The In Depth Story: Having already placed actors on all three of ABC's daytime dramas, SOAPnet's popular series will now turn its attention toward DAYS.

"We have had an incredible partnership with DAYS since acquiring same day episodes in 2004," says the network's general manager, Deborah Blackwell. Our ability to cast a contract role on their show, that has over 40 years of history, speaks of our special relationship."

This time out, viewers will get to feel special, too, as SOAP STAR throws a new but familiar (at least to hose who love the reality TV genre) twist into the mix by allowing fans to have a voice in selecting the winner before the show's first ever live finale. As in the past, AMC's Cameron Mathison (Ryan) will host the festivities, and the winner will receive a 13 week contract. Talent manager Michael Bruno, soap veteran Debbie Morgan, (ex Angie, AMC) and DAYS headwriter Logan Sheffer will help narrow down the pack.

Just how important is the prize up for grabs? Season two winner Alec Musser parlayed his original short term contract into a much longer stint on AMC, where he continues to appear in the role of Del.

Want your shot at becoming daytime's next big thing? SOAP STAR will be holding auditions in New York City on Saturday, March 24, and in Los Angeles on Saturday, March 31.
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