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Thursday, November 4, 2004

Well another episode down of "I Wanna Be A soap Star" and I must say I was not happy at all in the choice of the contestant that was let go. If I had to make the choice it would have been Mykel. And it seems if you read the message Boards most fans are in agreement. Here are a few viewers' opinions

Lindze Letherman (Georgie GH) says from a current interview..."You know it is cool that reality shows are coming to daytime," she says excitedly. "It is really interesting because it proves that people are taking an interest in daytime. I mean people have always had an interest in daytime, but this show puts daytime on the map and doing something like this REALLY excites me. I am interested to see who will win, and if they are male or female," she says excitedly. Who knows if one of the shows females wins the role, could Georgie be slugging it out over Dillon? "They better not touch MY man," Letherman says laughing.

One viewer wrote: "Michael would be a great cast member as Lucky's cousin Sly. Isn't he related to Dillon too? They both have funky hair he could be cast as Maxi's new boyfriend."

"Another viewer wrote: Michael is HOT!!!!! Ridiculous is that Mykels muscles. They are way too big for a soap show. There are worst actors on there other than that guy Michael and he is easy to look at."
Still another said: "I liked Michael too. Maybe the exposure will do some good and he'll be picked up by some other soap. If PC was still airing, he would have been a good addition to the young crowd."

And Another: "I really enjoy the show and so does my daughter. I think it is an interesting behind the scenes look at things. I think the only thing that sucks about the show is that it does not show more detail."

And One More: I really like this show. I look forward to it every week. I's unfortunate we're not seeing more of the scenes to make judgments ourselves, then maybe we would understand more clearly why the judges chose who they did. Mark the casting director, seems very timid and afraid to say anything. Debbie Morgan who is a great actress, I give a lot of credit to because she's not so nice all the time. But that Michael judge is absolutely hysterical! Those faces and I think I might be pregnant after that

scene last week' was priceless! As far as the contestants... I think you guys should forgive, Robyn. If she did a soft porn movie, she did it. Maybe she regrets it maybe she doesn't. She isn't the only one who has done those kinds of movies and who are now on daytime. Kelly Monaco was a playboy centerfold. I hope more people are watching because I want them to do another one.

If you have an opinion of the show, the actors or even the judges, drop me a line and let's dish...
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