Press: I Wanna Be A Soapstar (21)

Casting Call

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Soap vet Debbi Morgan helps pick daytime's newest star

Debbi Morgan is glad that she played PORT CHARLES' tough taskmaster Dr. Ellen Burgess as well as ALL MY CHILDREN's softhearted M.D., Angie Hubbard - it prepared her for her current role as a decision-maker on I WANNA BE A SOAP STAR, the SOAPnet reality series that has 12 contestants vying for a 13-week GENERAL HOSIPITAL contract. Along with fellow judges Mark Teschner (GH's casting director) and talent manager Michael Bruno, the Emmy winner has to give sound advice to the program's participants. "I used to knock [AMERICAN IDOL's big softy] Paula Abdul for being wimpy" says a wincing Morgan. "But once I was in her shoes, I was so humbled. It's very emotional for these kids. If I ever see Paula again, I'll apologize!"

The judges' decision will be 48 NOVEMBER 23, 2004made on the November 20th finale of SOAP STAR, and the winner will start airing the following week on GH. Morgan gives kudos to the series' producers for assembling a diverse group of judges. "I
bring to the party my background as an actor," she notes. "Mark knows what the casting is on GH. Michael knows about the whole look."' Morgan likens her nurturing temperament to Abdul's and feels that her fellow judges also have IDOL counterparts. "Michael brings a certain amount of humor to the process, the way Simon Cowell does. Mark's a great guy. He cast me on PC and is very kind. You might say he has a little Randy [Jasckson] in him."
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